Karns Firefighters Local 4900

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The Karns Firefighters Local 4900 was formed in 2012 and represents the paid professional firefighters that protect the Karns, Hardin Valley, Solway and Ball Camp communities.

About Us

United Firefighters of Karns IAFF Local 4900 represents the career firefighters protecting the Karns, Solway, Ball Camp and Hardin Valley communities.

Strength through united action, guided by intelligence is the hallmark of trade union organization. Believing such unity is essential for the mutual protection and advancement of the interests and general welfare of the firefighters within our local jurisdiction, we have formed Local 4900 of the International Association of Fire Fighters, which shall have the following objectives:

  • To organize all firefighters and emergency medical or rescue workers.
  • To secure just compensation for their services.
  • To promote the establishment of just and reasonable working conditions.
  • To promote as safe and healthy working environment as is possible through modern technology.
  • To place the members of the Local on a higher plane of skill and efficiency.
  • To promote harmonious relations between the fire fighters and our employers.
  • To encourage and stimulate our members to take an active interest in the civil affairs of their country and community.
  • To affiliate with other IAFF Union firefighter organizations for the common good and protection of all.
  • To promote the research and treatment of burns and other health problems common to fire fighters and emergency medical and rescue workers.
  • To cultivate friendship and fellowship among our members.

    Organized in 2012, the members of Karns Firefighters Local 4900 proudly serve those who live, work, and play in the Karns, Solway, Ball Camp and Hardin Valley communities. The Karns Fire Department directly services 65 square miles of Knox County. Our service area is one of the fastest growing areas of Knox County. We stand ready and able to protect the entire community and its visitors from the harm and danger caused by all emergencies.

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